Filmmaking Frenzy: Don't Talk or Text

Alamo Drafthouse Presents the "Don't Talk or Text During Movies" Filmmaking Frenzy.

Alamo Drafthouse is proud to announce the latest Filmmaking Frenzy, “Don’t Talk or Text During Movies.” Alamo Drafthouse is known for its strict “No Talking, No Texting” policy and firmly believes that talking and texting during movies is a cinematic disease that must be wiped out.  Now the Alamo Drafthouse is giving fans and budding filmmakers the chance to create the cure to eradicate this disease with their own “Don’t Talk” PSA!

Alamo Drafthouse has partnered with the likes of R. Lee Ermey, Peter Bogdanovich, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, George Romero, Will Ferrell, Patton Oswalt, Academy Award nominated director Jason Reitman, and even a previously ejected patron to help communicate their zero-tolerance policy on talking and texting during movies.  Now Alamo is asking filmmakers and film lovers alike to share their own creative ideas on how to let movie patrons know talking and texting will not be tolerated at the Drafthouse.

Submissions to the “No Talking, No Texting” Filmmaking Frenzy can be almost anything you can imagine. Please read terms and conditions.  

Video submissions must be entered by November 21, 2012.

All video submissions in the “Don’t Talk or Text During Movies” Filmmaking Frenzy will be put on Badass Digest for viewing and voting until 11:00 PM CST on Friday, November 30.  Voting will determine the winning submission in each Alamo Drafthouse market: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City and Winchester.  Once the top submissions are determined based on this voting, a panel of esteemed judges including Alamo Drafthouse CEO & Founder Tim League, National Promotions Director Henri Mazza and Badass Digest Badass-in-Chief Devin Faraci, will be assembled to view the top trailers and select one grand prize-winner.

The winners from each market will win a $200 Alamo gift card and their video will be screened before movies in their local Alamo Drafthouse location.  The Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 Visa gift card and their video will be screened before movies at Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide.

The Filmmaking Frenzy will also include a prize category for Alamo Drafthouse employee submissions.  The top video submission from a Drafthouse employee will receive a $500 Visa gift card.

Read Submission Guidelines